Thunder Hose – Food Grade – Phthalate Free


Suction and transport hose, inside outside smooth, tough and flexible, vacuum and compression resistance and with high axial strength


Non toxic / Food Grade
Phthalate Free

Temperature Range:





Vacuum lines of auto loaders (Plastic Processing, Dust collector), transport of Resin and Granules in plastic industry, conveying of low temperature food grade material and fluid in food processing and pharmaceutical industry, draining sewage and water. Used as oil drains for machineries.

Special Products:

PVC Steel wire hose with ANT copper wire

PVC Steel wire Hose with Fabric Reinforcement

Depending on installation or operating conditions, the vacuum or pressure values may differ from those stated in the table. In doubtful cases, provide a description of the application you have in mind, and we will be pleased to advice you. Alternative sizes and colours, different tolerances etc. can be supplied on request. Technical Data (at 20°C)