Green – Transparent – Spider – Yellow


Absolutely flexible and medium heavy water hose for domestic, gardening and construction sites. Offers transparent -Heavy duty long length water hoses for industrial applications, construction sites, marine and ship building, diesel and edible oil handling, plantations, projects like Thermal power plants and other engineering sites. And the super heavy water hose are used for dyes and chemical handling, Bore well cleaning, suction and delivery hose for mine dewatering , heavy duty water hose for engineering projects, plantations
where rough handling is required, steel mills,
metal casting units, cooling lines of induction
furnaces etc.

Pressure at 30°C

Green – Medium Duty
Working Pressure 5kg/cm² to 7kg/cm²

Transparent – Heavy
Working Pressure 5kg/cm² to 10kg/cm²

Transparent – Super Heavy
Working Pressure 6kg/cm² to 25kg/cm²

Green – Medium Heavy Range – 12 mm to 25 mm ID

Transparent -Heavy Range – 12 mm to 50 mm ID

Transparent – Super Heavy Range – 12 mm to 63 mm ID

Green – Medium Heavy Range – 12 mm to 25 mm ID

Yellow – Construction Hose Range – 20 mm to 50 mm ID