Temp. – 60°C to + 260°C

Convoluted PTFE Single Braided SS 304

Smooth Bore PTFE Single Braided SS 303 /304

Smooth Bore PTFE Double Braided SS 303 /304


– 60°C to + 260° C

Colour :

Outer cover – Silver, Inner layer – Transparent


Mold Press , Filling Equipment Paint Spray, Sanitary Transfer Adhesive Conveying , Acid Transfer Steam Transfer , Feed Lines Instrumentation Panels, Solvent Transfer Oil Supply Lines

Standards :

SAE J517-100R14


P.T.F.E hose has an Excellent Temperature Characteristics both in High & Low Temperature. Inert to virtually all chemicals Non Contamination Properties Low Coefficient of Friction & Resists Deterioration Resistant to Weathering / Aging Unaffected by UV Light Resistant to Oxidation, Surface Fouling & Discoloration Non flammable & Light Weight Superior Flex Fatigue Life Can be Autoclaved & Sterilized Low Permeability Unlimited Shelf Life