Semi Insulated Aluminum Foil Hose


COMBI hose is produced from multi-layer aluminum & polyester strengthened with high tension steel spring wire, covered with a PVC layer.

Aluminum Combi Hose is recommended for discharging welding fumes (where high mechanical resistance is required), low and medium pressure heating, cooling and air conditioning systems.

COMBI Hose is more effective against condensation. To maintain indoor air quality at a certain level, preventing condensation is important.

Accumulation of water on the duct surface arising from condensation leads to problems such as mold growth and corrosion, which would cause serious health problems and deformation of building materials and components. In order to prevent condensation the surface temperature of the duct shall be kept higher than the dew point of the air surrounding it. A PVC layer on the outer surface of acts as an insulation which makes the duct more impermeable to water and keeps surface temperature higher. Punctures and tears could also lead to condensation and air leaks. Prevention from such deformations is achieved by adding a PVC layer.